Greetings from State University of Medan !

We are here located at the center of capital city of North Sumatra, Medan, Indonesia, and proudly presenting the very good of Indonesia in development, diversity and unity. State University of Medan (MSU) is dedicated itself to promote education, science, social science, engineering and technology, economy, languages and arts, and sports science. These are represented by various faculties of MSU, which diligently put most efforts to enhance their ability in developing MSU and Indonesia in their own expertise.

As the only A-accredited university in Medan, MSU is heading to the international level, both East Asia and Asia, MSU is also confidently interacting with numerous renowned foreign universities all over the world. Our staff and student mobility is among the most developed activity at MSU, we are sending and accepting academic staffs as well as students from and to nations in various continents. We are establishing quite many international programs in different subjects and presenting ourselves in many educational associations and prestigious associations around world.
Our office is in the center of MSU’s internationalization movement. As “the Gate of MSU” we open ourselves to any potential collaboration with any partners abroad and ready to bring up our excellent to the international level.

We are more than ready to further explore the new international movement of borderless Asia and the world, where people are free to move from one country to another with insignificant limitations especially those of ASEAN citizen. We therefore are committed to enhance and accelerate the mobility within ASEAN and beyond Asia including to Europe and America continents, to involve in mutual benefit of academic, research and social engagement activities.
By browsing our website you are entering our world, you can learn on what we are and how we are involving in this borderless era. Feel free to contact one of our staff for any inquiries you possibly have and we sincerely hope that you will find a way to come and visit MSU and even more to explore, connect and be part of MSU.

Welcome to MSU World !
Maya Oktora, S.Pd., M.Hum.

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