International Credit Transfer Program

The International Credit Transfer Program is initiated by the office of the Vice-Rector IV of Universitas Negeri Medan, in collaboration with all Faculties and Postgraduate Programs. This program is designed for international students interested in studying for one or two semesters at UNIMED, according to the agreement of both universities. Unimed students can also participate in international credit transfers and exchange with these international students.

The international Credit Transfer Program uses English as the primary language during the Teaching and Learning Process. German and French class is also offered during the program. The International Credit Transfer Program holds a similar curriculum structure to the regular courses at Unimed; however, the duration of the program will be adjusted to the mutual agreement between Unimed and the partner universities.

Selection Process (International Students)

  • The selection is conducted by the Study Program or Departments of the Partner University.
  • Must be able to communicate in English (spoken/written), having a certificate of English proficiency will be highly recommended.
  • During the COVID 19 outbreak, this program will be conducted online.
  • No fees for the International Credit Transfer Program
  • Syllabus of the courses can be taken from the link below:

  • The international student must register at the following link:

  • The courses taken by International students will be discussed among the Study Program/Department, Vice Rector IV and the Partner University as well.
  • The international students must send the following documents to Unimed Vice Rector IV office so that they will be given the study permit:
  1. Certificate of Health from the clinic or medical team at the home university
  2. LoA (from Unimed)
  3. Scan of passport or Student ID
  4. Recent photographs (red background)
  5. A copy of Transcript
  6. Filling in the LoA form
  7. Filling in the Statement Letters (Financial Support and Compliance to the Rule of Unimed)

The international students will be given the official study permit from the Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, Republic of Indonesia.