Student Visa Information

There are several types of visas that serve different purposes. However, since an international student (full-time or exchange student) is obliged to have a study permit, s/he must apply for a student visa. The student visa is strictly for studying only. Foreign student under student visa is not allowed to do any paid job during their study at Universitas Negeri Medan.

VITAS (Limited Stay Permit Visa) code: 316

This visa is used for foreigners who plan to stay for a relatively long period of time or also plan to Work, Investment, Research, Study, Family Reunification, Repatriation, as Overseas Tourists. This visa can be applied to the Directorate General of Immigration.

For international students who enroll for Diploma, Bachelor, and Master Program, we will assist you to apply for this kind of visa because it can be valid until 4 years (Bachelor Program period). Here are the following requirements for applying for this visa:

1.     Application and sponsor letter (prepared by International Office of Universitas Negeri Medan)

2.     Approval of Study Permit (prepared by International Office of Universitas Negeri Medan)

3.     Passport cover page

4.     Passport bio-data page

5.     Bank statement

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Study Permit

Study Permit will be processed by the International Office of Universitas Negeri Medan to the Directorate General of Higher Education. The requirements are:

1.     Recommendation Letter (prepared by International Office of Universitas Negeri Medan)

2.     A copy of Certificate/Transcript (English version)

3.     A copy of passport

4.     Original Statement of Financial Support

5.     Original Statement of Compliance to The Campus Rules and Regulations, Non-Employment, and Non-Politics

6.     Original Health Certificate

7.     Two (2) recent photographs, size of 4X6

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For more information, you can download the guidebook here

IMPORTANT: For new students, Unimed will start the process of study permit 3 months before the class begins. If s/he needs to be in Indonesia before E-ITAS is ready, please arrange the visa accordingly.